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Adopt-A-Road Program

A special thanks to Gwinnett Clean & Beautiful, a Keep America Beautiful Affiliate, for organizing and managing their Adopt-A-Road program. Their focus on litter prevention, greater civic involvement, and area beautification, is truly appreciated. Because of this program, our ECOFREAKS family can come together five times a year to clean our road. Gwinnett Clean & Beautiful made this process simple and were prepared and communicative the entire time.


On Friday, November 13th, our ECOFREAKS Family spent some much-needed time cleaning our adopted road! This was our second cleaning out of five and we had a blast. Our team of 8 volunteers spent the morning collecting a variety of trash, here are a few items we did not think we would find!

  • 1 mop bucket
  • 1 hubcap
  • Plenty of floss picks


This experience opened our eyes to the impact we have on our community.

We challenge other businesses in the Gwinnett area to adopt their road and help keep our community clean! Learn how here.


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