FREAKY Family Favorites

We wanted to take some time to appreciate our FREAKY family members’ feedback and reviews! A special shoutout to Charelle, Kathleen, and Olivia for sharing their ECOFREAKS™ Hand Sanitizer in their homes. They look great!


Holly, from Flint, Michigan has been a loyal FREAKY family member since ECOFREAKS™ began. Thank you, Holly!

Holly’s Testimonial:

I discovered Ecofreak’s Outrageous Orange hand sanitizer at my local hardware store during the height of the Covid pandemic. I bought it on a whim and from the first use I knew I had found my new hand sanitizer. Others smelled funny, or were slimy, but the Outrageous Orange smelled great and left my hands feeling really clean. When I ran out and my local hardware was completely sold out of it, I took to their website to place an order. Their customer service has been absolutely top notch, which made for a wonderful online shopping experience from start to finish.

Holly's Favorite ECOFREAKS™ Product: Outrageous Orange Starter Pack!

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