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What's Our Story?

There’s a world of FREAKS out there — and we love them all!

We’re ECOFREAKS™, a freakishly passionate company that celebrates unique lifestyles. We are dedicated to producing quality products for you and your family... all while partnering with eco-friendly groups that help make the best of our world 💚

We do not want to be like every other, run-of-the-mill hand sanitizer brand. That’s why we developed our line of new, super-convenient sanitizer designed to fit YOUR freakiness.

Normal is boring - Bring Your FREAK!

Are you a running FREAK? ECOFREAKS™ sachets drop right into that tiny pocket in your running shorts. Are you a rock-climbing FREAK? Carry us in your backpack. Are you a FREAK about your kids’ health? Put us in their lunchbox. You get the picture — whatever you’re unapologetically FREAKY about — we’re cool with it, and we support you.

ECOFREAKS™ bottles fit easily on your counter at home, your desk at work — even the cupholders in your environmentally-friendly hybrid car (that gets like 60 miles to the gallon by the way!) 😜

When you’ve pumped the last drop, keep the bottle and simply order a refill pouch for a freaky deal that makes a ton of sense. It helps with sustainability, too, which allows us all to continue being the FREAKS we love being 🌎

ECOFREAKS™ Hand Sanitizer is made in the USA 🇺🇸 and made for the FREAK in all of us!




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