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Zeek and Zoe's Holiday Adventures

The holiday season is here and Zeek and Zoe have been fast at work baking all sorts of holiday cookies, watching classic holiday movies, and wrapping presents for all of their FREAKY friends! Even though this holiday might look a little different, Zeek and Zoe want to hear all about what their FREAKY friends have been doing to celebrate!

Share a fun way you and your family have been celebrating this holiday season with us on Instagram or Facebook and tag @ecofreaks_usa. Zeek and Zoe can’t wait to see it!

Zeek’s 2020 Holiday Activities:

  • Volunteering! The ECOFREAKS™ team is volunteering with the Salvation Army’s Angel Tree Warehouse to help them organize and wrap gifts for families in need. Check out ways you and your family can volunteer ­here!
  • Try baking a new dessert! Zeek loves key lime pie!
  • Have a FUNKY photoshoot in ugly Christmas sweaters
  • Film a Christmas family video!

Zoe’s 2020 Holiday Activities:

  • Color the ECOFREAKS™ Holiday Coloring Page! Download yours here.
  • Decorate gingerbread houses!
  • Take a drive through your neighborhood and check out your neighborhood Christmas lights.
  • Build a pillow fort and have a sleepover under the tree!


Zeek and Zoe might show up under your tree or in your stocking this year with our holiday gift sets! Happy Holidays from our ECOFREAKS™ Family!

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