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Zeek and Zoe Go Trick or Treating!



Hi, I am Zeek, your ECOFREAK! I am FREAKY passionate about keeping our earth clean, especially during Halloween, so here are a few of my tips:

  • Don't let your candy wrappers touch the ground!
    • Make sure to take a special bag just for trash with you while you trick or treat! This will help make sure candy wrappers do not end up on the ground.
  • Share!
    • Think about donating extra candy or even sharing some with your FREAKY friends! If you find any green candy, make sure to send it my way! 



Hi! Zoe here, remember me? I am your clean FREAK! It’s important to me for all my FREAKY friends to stay clean and safe on Halloween. Read on for a few of my tips:

  • Be Prepared
    • Bring your FREAK (ECOFREAKS™ Hand Sanitizer that is) on your Halloween adventure! Attach me to your Halloween treat bag or bring our single-use sachets.
  • Wear Your Mask
    • You will be meeting lots of new FREAKY friends, make sure to wear a mask to keep you protected.
  • Light the Way
    • Bring a flashlight with you to guide you on your Halloween adventure!
  • Have A Buddy
    • Make sure you have a parent, friend, or sibling tag along with while trick or treating! Zeek is my trick or treating buddy this year!

For more information on staying healthy and safe during Halloween, check out the CDC's recommendations here.


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